Cutting costs has never been more important than it is today, thanks to the perfect storm of challenges that venues face as they continue to recover from the pandemic.

So you can imagine how delighted Kenny and Julie Bygate were when they learned that Greene King and Belhaven could help them secure a massive 30% reduction in their annual insurance bill.

Kenny and Julie run The Strathord Inn in Stanley, a pub which has been around for a couple of hundred years but in all that time had probably never faced the sort of challenges it has faced over the last few years.

“Saving money and cutting costs is absolutely vital at the moment,” explains Kenny. “So when we approached Greene King and Belhaven to see if they could help with our insurance bill, we couldn’t believe it when the quote came back. It was so low that we actually thought it was scam!”

It all started when Kenny and Julie read about Money Maker and decided to find out more. “We read about Greene King’s Money Maker scheme in the magazine and thought it was worth a try, so we got in touch but we weren’t particularly hopeful,” says Kenny. “So when the quote came back we were just astonished. It was a saving of around 30%!”

Still not sure if it was legitimate, the pair got back in touch with their SDM and, sure enough, the quote was real. Kenny and Julie have been benefitting from a massively reduced insurance bill for the last year.

“It took us a little while to convince ourselves that it was real and that it was like-for-like cover, but sure enough it was.”

In the meantime, the pub’s existing insurance broker got back in touch suggesting that they could improve their quote. “I was incensed!” says Kenny. “If they could improve the quote, why didn’t they do it before I threatened to move! They even asked for the opportunity to match the quote I’d got through Greene King, and when I showed them it, they politely declined because they couldn’t come close to matching it.”

Needless to say, Kenny and Julie are delighted. “Every penny you can save these days is important, so to make a saving of this scale was just massive for us,” concludes Kenny.


  • TV subscriptions
  • In-venue games costs
  • Insurance
  • Payment & card services
  • Waste & recycling collections
  • LPG.


  • SWR
  • World Pay
  • Calor
  • Regal Gaming
  • Jensten Insurance
  • Premier Sports
  • Sky Sports (in partnership with Molson Coors)
  • TNT Sports


If you’re interested in learning more, please speak to your local Sales Development Manager, who will be able to explain the variety of services available and calculate how much you could save.