A bottle of Estrella Galicia

The early months of the year typically see a rise in the number of consumers seeking to moderate their alcohol consumption after the excesses of the festive period.

Initiatives like Dry January will also help accelerate that trend – but losing the alcohol needn’t mean that you have to lose footfall, sales or profits. Greene King offers a fantastic and growing range of low and no alcohol products that are perfect for targeting those customers keen to moderate their consumption.

Alcohol drinkers are the main buyers of non-alcoholic products.

Research data shows that one in six (18%) adults who drink alcohol are planned to have a month off drinking for January 2023. This equates to some 7.9 million UK adults – and that’s a significant 22% increase on 2022, when 6.5 million pledged the same. Therefore, it’s likely that 2024 will be the biggest Dry January yet.

It’s worth pointing out, however, that despite the common misconception, Dry January is not actually the peak moderation month. Perhaps surprisingly, June is actually the most popular time for consumers to moderate their alcohol consumption.

In other words, low and no alcohol products can play a role all year round.


Low and no is particularly important to younger, more affluent consumers. Under 45s account for over a quarter of all spend in the category but bear in mind too that every age bracket – with the single exception of 50+ males – has grown its share of drinkers looking to moderate.

With that in mind, if you want to cash in on this important trend, it’s important to stock a range of low and no alcohol products that will appeal to those relatively younger drinks who are most eager to moderate. Giving them a great selection of alcohol-free products to choose from will keep them coming to your door and keep them spending while they are there.

25% will currently default to tap water in hospitality venues if they’re not drinking alcohol.

The low and no category has evolved rapidly in recent years, particularly when it comes to product quality and taste. Once upon a time, many low and no alcohol products were distinctly inferior in terms of taste and body. That’s no longer the case and a fantastic example is Estrella Galicia 0.0%, which was voted Spain’s best-tasting non-alcoholic beer by Spanish consumer organisation OCU.

Produced by a 115-year-old family-owned independent brewery in Galicia in north-western Spain, Estrella Galicia 0.0% is exclusively distributed in the UK by Greene King and this top-quality beer is brewed based on the full-strength Estrella Galicia recipe but using  an interrupted fermentation technique specifically designed to ensure the highest quality and taste while avoiding the generation of alcohol.

A refreshing and light Pilsner-style beer, it is full of hoppy and bitter flavours with a crisp freshness, making it the perfect allrounder.  It’s the perfect time to cash in on the growing demand for great quality zero alcohol beers and help your customers discover Spain’s best tasting non-alcoholic beer.


For customers looking for a modern take on a traditional classic, but without the high alcohol content, Old Speckled Hen 0.5% is a brilliant alternative for those looking to moderate their consumption.

A refreshing, low alcohol beer, Old Speckled Hen 0.5% is brewed with fine ingredients to deliver exceptional taste and aroma and is very evocative of the nation’s favourite premium ale – but with 54% fewer calories.

Brewed using Pale and Crystal malts as well as a blend of Challenger, Pilgrim, First Gold and Goldings hops, Old Speckled Hen 0.5% is great product to have in your range for customers who are looking for a great, traditional British beer but without the alcohol.