A range of beer kegs in a pub cellar

Serving the best possible quality beer is key in driving repeat business and maximising profits – which is why Greene King and Belhaven’s free Cellar Support Services Kit can make all the difference.

We all know that serving the best possible quality beer is critical to your business. Higher quality beer means happy customers, more repeat visits, more footfall, bigger sales and, ultimately, higher profits. One bad experience, one poor quality pint, can lose you a customer for life. One great experience, one fantastic quality pint, however, can win you a customer for life.

And just like you, we take beer quality seriously and we want to help you and your team improve your yields by ensuring that every pint you serve is served perfectly.

To help you do precisely that with a minimum of fuss, we have produced a full Cellar Support Kit that we’re confident will assist you in optimising your cellar management practices and maximise your profits. Best of all, it’s completely free!


Everything you need

In line with our philosophy at Value for Venues of giving you everything you need, all in one place, the Cellar Support Kit is a comprehensive solution that brings all the important information and assets you need together to help you serve the best quality beer time after time.
Inside the kit you’ll find an extensive array of information, advice and logs that cover every step of the process of pouring great pints. The kit includes a Top 10 Tips Poster, a Standard Operating Procedures guide, a Cellar Log Book and a laminated Cellar Record and pen.
The kit is the result of our hundreds of years of brewing experience and is an invaluable tool for you and your team – and it will cost you absolutely nothing.

Every aspect of efficient, effective cellar management is covered in the kit from cellar and equipment conditions, preparation and serving to coolers, beer lines, temperatures, glassware and ice machines. The kit is your one-stop-shop for world class cellar management.

Clean lines

By taking advantage of our brewing and cellar experience and using the kit to check that your cellar management practices are optimal, you can quickly and easily ensure that every pint you pour is the delicious, vibrant, fresh beer that your customer expects and deserves.
And if you find that you are having problems with your beer quality, you can also visit our Beer Genius online portal at beer-genius.co.uk where you can troubleshoot all manner of issues and quickly and easily resolve them.

Start today

Our Cellar Support Kits have been specifically designed for stockists of Greene King and Belhaven beers and are available from your Sales Development Manager. Your SDM can also provide fantastic support in implementing the advice contained in the kit and will work alongside you and your team to make sure that every pint is served perfectly.

If you are a current Greene King or Belhaven customer, contact your Sales Development Manager today to discuss receiving your free kit. If you would like to benefit from the additional support by becoming a customer, get in touch here.

Cellar Support Kit Contents

1. Cellar Guide Top 10 Tips Poster
2. Cellar Standard Operating Procedures
3. Cellar Log Book
4. Laminated Cellar Record & Pen