A selection of Greene King craft beer range on pump, with a person pouring a pint

Greene King has further expanded its range of craft beers with the launch of two new products, Hazy Day and Prior Life.

Greene King is expanding its craft beer range with the launch of two new brews – Hazy Day and Prior Life – providing an enhanced craft solution for every venue to help drive volumes and margins.

Craft ale has been a fascinating category for several years and is the fastest-growing ale category, according to CGA data. The same research shows that craft ale is attractive to younger drinkers and demonstrates ale’s relevance to a younger demographic.

Exciting new craft beers, like Greene King’s Flint Eye and Level Head, have brought fresh energy and momentum to the category, and Greene King is now expanding its craft beer range with the launch of two brand new brews – Hazy Day and Prior Life. The result is that Greene King’s craft beer portfolio now provides an enhanced craft offering for every venue to help drive volumes and margins.



Logo of new craft beer Greene King HazyDay Fruity IPA Logo of new craft beer Greene King Prior Life All Day IPA

Juicy, smooth and fruity, Hazy Day is a 4.3% ABV IPA with orange, grapefruit and tropical notes. The name of the beer was inspired by the habit of Bury St Edmunds locals in the 16th century who would gather with clouded judgement and a hazy sense of morality to heckle, goad and throw things at people who had been convicted of minor crimes and were sentenced to a day in the public pillories!

Prior Life is a fruity and refreshing, 3.4% ABV All Day IPA that is light, easy drinking and packed with mellow tropical notes and a crisp citrus aroma. Prior Life has been created as a liquid tribute to the original Bury St Edmunds master brewers, the Benedictine monks, whose ghosts are still said to walk our abbey today. This sessionable IPA is as divinely fruity as the low-strength beer the monks drank in vast quantities every day, at least partly because it was safer to drink than water then!

The lower alcohol level means venues can take advantage of the growth at the value end of the craft ale market without sacrificing quality.

Both new lines are available in 30L keg and 330ml can formats and both are being supported by an extensive array of branded materials to help bring these new legends to life in your venue. These include everything from T-shirts, branded glassware and drip mats to bar runners, lanyards and bar-top POS to prompt trial, and eye-catching taps.

A person holding a can of Greene King Prior Life All Day IPA


According to CGA OPMS data to July 2023, craft ale is now worth more than £1.2bn in the UK and accounts for a significant 8.7% of the total draught beer category and 20% of the ale category. Growth is being witnessed across all segments of the category, with mainstream and value outlets growing fastest.

This represents a huge opportunity for all venues. A massive 82% of craft beer consumers view the range available in a particular venue as important when choosing where to visit [CGA Brand Track, Aug 2022]. Additionally, we know that craft drinkers are prepared to pay more for their preferred drink.

The addition of Hazy Day and Prior Life means that Greene King now has a quality craft beer for every venue – value, mainstream or premium – allowing them to capitalise on this important trend by bringing new drinkers into the category as well as helping them to trade existing drinkers up.

Level Head is already the number-two-selling craft ale in terms of rate of sale, second only to Beavertown Neck Oil, while Flint Eye is the UK’s second-best-selling craft lager with only Camden Hells ahead of it.

The success of these lines means that Greene King is now the fourth-largest craft brewer in the UK, so not only is the category growing, but the Greene King portfolio is also growing even quicker, up an amazing 37% year-on-year [CGA OPM, Jul 2023]. With Hazy Day and Prior Life now joining the portfolio, future growth is very much on the horizon – so why not stock up on the two new lines and be part of this exciting new chapter.