A glass of Old Golden Hen

Greene King and Belhaven have the perfect range of permanent and seasonal lines – as well as new dedicated POS – to help you make the most of this golden opportunity.

With summer now well under way, it’s the perfect time to take a fresh look at your range and ensure that you have some great options for drinkers looking for lighter, brighter ales to match the lighter, brighter, warmer days. And what could be better on a balmy summer’s day at the pub with family and friends than a delicious, refreshing golden or pale ale?

Summer is the time when golden and pale ales traditionally come into their own and the category typically sees sales peak in the warmer months, which represents an outstanding opportunity for venues to maximise footfall, sales and profits.


Seasonal stars

To help you do precisely that, Greene King has included a collection of top-quality, intriguing golden and pale ales in its Fresh Cask Releases limited edition range for 2023.

Many of you will have stocked the recent Coronation Ale in April and May to mark the ascension of King Charles to the throne while the ever-popular St Edmunds Golden Ale returned in June to bolster sales.

Building on that golden and pale ale momentum, the Fresh Cask Releases range features another three fantastic brews between now and the end of September, all backed by a brand-new summer-themed POS kit that is available for free.

New Tricks and Ale Fresco golden ales are available throughout July and August while the double dry hopped ipa, Mischief Maker is available in August and September.

The new summer POS kit includes drip mats, tent cards and a clip crowner, all helping raise the profile of cask golden  and pale ale in your venue and encouraging your customers to give one a try.

The kits are available free while stocks last and can be ordered from your SDM.

Brewing better

The three Fresh Cask Releases seasonal golden and pale ales bring the unique combination of collaboration, innovation, tradition, quality and history that characterises Greene King’s range, helping to bring more customers into cask and helping generate fresh excitement in a vitally important category.

New Tricks Golden Ale is the latest brew from a long-standing collaboration with Nethergate Brewery, a 4% ABV golden ale that combines ginger and lemon to deliver crisp refreshment and juicy, fruity flavours.

Also available in July and August, Ale Fresco Golden Ale is the quintessential easy drinking, approachable and utterly delicious summer ale. A 4.3% ale, it is brewed with centennial hops to deliver lovely light citrus flavours and should be a huge hit on warm summer days.

Last but not least, Mischief Maker will be available in August and September and brings something new and engaging to help drive footfall and sales.

A super-hoppy ale brewed using two varieties of British hops to deliver a complex mix of fruit aromas and flavours, this 6% ABV cask ale is a full flavoured, rich and rewarding brew which was inspired by 17th century herbalist Nicholas Culpeper who is credited with having brought medicine to the masses and was, by all accounts, a bit of a mischief maker himself.

Seasonal favourites

The limited-edition seasonal golden and pale ales will help drive interest and trial throughout the summer and perfectly complement Greene King’s permanent ale range.

From the American-inspired Yardbird to the classic Old Golden Hen and the aromatic Deuchars, there’s no shortage of options to cash in on the summertime golden and pale ale bonanza.

With the sun shining and the mercury rising, it’s the perfect time to give golden and pale ales the chance to shine in your venue.

Speak to your SDM for advice on ranging, POS and how Greene King can help you enjoy a great British summer.

Golden summer POS kit

To help you make the most of your golden and pale ales this summer, Greene King is offering a fantastic themed POS kit that can be used with any of the three seasonal fresh cask releases throughout July and August.

The kit will draw attention to your range and encourage trial and purchase.

To order your kit please speak to your SDM (while stocks last).

Permanent Golden Ales

Old  Golden Hen 4.1% ABV

Brewed with a selection of hops, including galaxy, that give subtle tropical fruit notes and a deliciously smooth finish.

Deuchars 3.8% ABV

A winner of over 40 awards, Deuchars is solid gold in colour and strongly aromatic with hints of fresh citrus. The distinctive light malt and fresh floral flavours combine with the zesty citric hop to deliver a mouth-watering adventure.

Yardbird 4.0% ABV

Full of hops and with lasting fruity flavour, this beer is inspired by bold American pale ales.


Seasonal Stars


New Tricks 4% ABV

Brewed in collaboration with Nethergate Brewery, this golden ale combines ginger and lemon to deliver delicious refreshment and fruity characters.



Ale Fresco 4.3%

A smooth and easy-drinking golden ale with a twist, brewed using centennial hops to deliver light citrus flavours.



Mischief Maker 6% ABV

A double dry hopped IPA brewed using new British hops to deliver a complex mix of fruit aromas and flavours, inspired by the renowned 17th century herbalist Nicholas Culpeper, who brought medicine to the masses.