A glass of Greene King Flint Eye beer getting poured

Good cellar management is key to ensuring the beer you serve to your customers is in the best possible condition at all times. Cellar Service Team Leader Toby Mills offers his top tips…

Great quality beer is a fundamental element of the experience for your customers when they visit your venue. Greene King and Belhaven pour their hundreds of years of experience into every pint they produce, so when that beer arrives in your cellar it’s vital that that it receives the care and attention it deserves.

Good cellar management is absolutely critical in ensuring that every pint you pour for your customers is in the best possible condition. The good news is that effective and efficient cellar management isn’t complicated or difficult. It simply requires a little commitment and attention to detail. Look after your cellar and it will certainly look after you.


To help you make sure you are adhering to best practice when it comes to cellar management, here are 10 top tips:

  1. Flat dispense is nearly always caused by one of just three things: bad glassware, glasswasher issues or a faulty barrel.
  2. Ensure your cellar temperature is always between 11-13 degrees, all year round.
  3. If your cask cooler is buzzing or making a bit of a racket always try topping it up with water first.
  4. Do not leave water in your lines for long periods of time, it will go stagnant and cause more damage than if you just left beer in them!
  5. Avoid storing food in your cellar – your beer can absorb the odours… Who wants a nice pint of IPA tasting like onions? it happens!
  6. Cask should be sold within 3-5 days, and keg products within 7-10 days of broaching.
  7. Line clean every 7 days following the correct process.
  8. Stock needs to be in cellar for 48 hours to come down to temperature before serving!
  9. Make sure you are pouring in a cool, clean, and ideally a branded glass.
  10. Make sure you turn off your gas at night, over-carbonation can cause excessive wastage!