Greene King has unveiled a new programme called Brand Genius to help bar staff provide consistently excellent experiences for their customers – and reward them instantly for doing so.

For many years the company has been championing beer quality through its Beer Genius training platform and its Cellar Doctor process. Now the company is extending that scheme with a front of house activity called Brand Genius that will ensure bar staff can serve the perfect pint through brand knowledge while delivering a great experience to the customer. What’s more, bar staff will be rewarded on the spot through a mystery shopper programme.

The simple three-step programme is designed to give staff the tools they need to learn some simple facts about Greene King and Belhaven beers. These will help them to engage better with their customers, make recommendations and sell with confidence, thus driving a better customer experience.

To take part, simply opt in when you take on a new keg line and we will send you the Brand Genius POS packs for that line. Then, within eight weeks of the brand appearing on the bar, our mystery drinker will enter your venue and ask for a recommendation. If the team member serving talks about the focus beer, offers a sample and then executes the perfect serve they will be awarded a shopping voucher as a reward for becoming a Brand Genius.

Brand Genius: 3 easy steps

Brand Genius is quick and easy to implement and involves just three steps:

1. Learn about our beers

  • Our back of house POS kits will arm your team with everything they need to become an expert on our beers, from tasting notes to food pairings.

2. Offer samples

  • Offering customers a small taste of the beer is key to enhancing their repertoire and driving that great hospitality experience. Around 60mls will be enough to experience the aromas, look and taste of the beer.

3. Perfect serve

  • If the customer wants to buy a pint, ensure it’s served perfectly in a cool, clean glass, preferably a branded glass if available. CGA data shows 40% are more likely to purchase a beer if it’s served in a branded glass.

Speak to your SDM for more information about how you and your venue can get involved.